Monday, April 8, 2013

Talking to the People

This week DayDaddy is taking a break from the bugs in his laboratory and NightDaddy has left his camera at home and we headed south!

Many thanks to Lund University's Feminist Socialist Medical Student Committtee for inviting us to come speak last night! 

Here is a little description of the talk as it was advertised on Le Facebook:

Könskorrigering, identitet, hormoner, mastektomi, transvård, normer...
Har du funderat över vad transsexualism är? Vem är transsexuell? Vad finns det för normer och fördomar kring kön? 
Hur fungerar transvården i Sverige? Vilka medicinska behandlingar finns för transpersoner och hur fungerar de? 
Feministiska utskottet bjuder in till en spännande föreläsning om transsexualism!
Kom och lyssna på DayDaddy*, biolog och transaktivist, när han öppenhjärtligt berättar om allt från könsidentiet till underlivsoperationer. Warren är en erfaren föreläsare som delvis talar utifrån egna erfarenheter.
Föreläsningen kommer innehålla såväl sociala aspekter av normbrytande som före-och-efter operationsbilder.
Det kommer att finnas tid för frågor. Föreläsningen kommer hållas på engelska, men frågor kan även ställas på svenska.
Identity, hormones, mastectomy, transgendes care, norms...
What is transsexualism? Who is transsexual? What norms and predjudice exist around sex and gender? How does the transgender care in Sweden work?
The feminist commite invites you to an intresting lecture about transsexualism!
Come and listen to DayDaddy*, biologist and transactivist, when he openheartedly talks about everything from gender identity to sex reassignment surgeries.
The lecure will touch on social aspects of norm breaking as well as pre-and-post operation pictures.
There will be time for questions! The lecture will be in english. Welcome!!

*Obviously, DayDaddy's actual name was used.

Basically, what this boils down to is DayDaddy telling his story about how he knew he was transgender, what the coming out process was like and then what is all is involved in socially and physically transitioning to relieve gender dysphoria. Then there's a section on sexuality and sex. The last part of the presentation is NightDaddy sharing HIS story of how we met, the process he went through in grappling with his sexual orientation (gay) whilst falling in love with a transgender man and how it's hard to even remember those early struggles because it's all so *normal* to us now.

We love giving these talks. They're a blast and the students are always great! This time we geared to topics more toward medical students (a stronger focus on the Swedish protocols and how Swedish doctors treat trans people in general). At the end, all of the students were wishing this had been incorporated into their required curriculum. Maybe someday...

Tonight we head across the bridge to Copenhagen to speak to a couple classes of American psychology and sociology students at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad.


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