Saturday, April 27, 2013


DD: We could stop by the apoteket when we're in town tomorrow and pick up a hot water bottle.
ND: Do they have the plushie kind?
DD: I doubt it. Probably just the plain rubber ones.
ND: But those aren't as nice. I won't use it as much.
DD: It's not for you!
ND: Why can't it be for both of us?
DD: The plushie ones are much more expensive and we'd probably have to order it online somewhere. We can just get a normal one and pick up a plushie from Myrona.
ND: *look of horror*
DD: What? We can just replace the stuffing with the water bottle.
ND: *shocked and appalled* You, Sir, have crossed a line!
DD: It's just a plushie!
ND: No! Besides it wouldn't work. How would you fill it up?
DD: *mischevious grin* Just remove the head. We can sew a face on the belly.
ND: You're sick.
DD: It could still be cute! Little button eyes?
ND: *leaves room*

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