Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Bump Exchange!

The internet can be so freakin' fun sometimes! 

Confession: Both NightDaddy and I are Redditors. It was one of the first things we found out we had in common. I believe at some point around date 2 or 3, one of us was trying to impress the other with some obscure current event and the other was like "Dude, I saw that on Reddit too." 

One day during the the trying to conceive period between the loss of our first pregnancy and our little Piggelin coming to be, I discovered the subreddit, BabyBumps, which is hands down, the friendliest, most inclusive, bestest bestest pregnancy forum on the interwebs! 

Being the first pregnant person in my close circle of friends, I don't want to be that guy. You know, the one who:

Whinges about his pregnancy: Ewww, I'm getting fat and gross and disgusting and no one is ever going to think I'm sexy ever agaaaaaaaaaain ;_:

Freaks out about every twinge or headache: OMG my head! Is it possible to get Pre-Eclampsia in the first trimester?!?!? What if I actually have a brain tumor and it goes undiagnosed because they think it's a pregnancy sypmtom?!?!?

And talks incessently about baby crap: Oooooo check out this cool bottle thingy that let's you feed hands-free!

Because let's be honest here. They love me. But they don't love me that much. And I love them too much to do that to them.

Thus: /r/BabyBumps to the rescue!

I just participated in my first ever internet gift exchange; The BabyBumps Spring Gift Exchange. Through a moderator orchestrated endeavor; I sent a pregnant person some baby stuff and some other pregnant person sent me some baby stuff. Check out the baby stuff I got! She even included some super cute hand-me-downs that a friend had given to her, but since she's due in July someplace hot, she figured they would be more suited to our little Piggelin who is due in September in Sweden, where it is April 13th and I am still watching snow fall outside my window.

And she sent a pacifier that says "I <3 Daddy." 


This woman wins at life :)


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  1. Very cute stuff!! It's still snowing here too in Northern Alberta, Canada. Baby is due at the end of September so I have a feeling it'll need all the warm clothing! :D