Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Today's exchange on the train:

DD: So a friend of mine told her son when he was 3 that "sweeties" were raisins. So when he would ask his mom if he could have sweeties, he got a tiny fistfull of dried grapes. Parenting Win, right?

ND: I don't know if I'm comfortable lying to our child or tricking her into doing appropriate or healthy things. Why can't we just tell her that sweeties aren't healthy?

DD: She's 3. She's not going to understand that.

ND: Okay. How about "You can't have sweeties because sweeties are bad for you and we love you?"

DD: And when she asks why her friend Jonas gets to have sweeties?

ND: Because Jonas' parents don't love him?

DD: -.-
       So what are we going to call raisins in our house?

ND: Sweeties.


1 comment:

  1. Ha! My grandmother used to swear that "candy" came in one of two colors: green and purple. And that they came in bunches. Attached to stems. And they lived in a bowl on the counter and only good children who ate ALL their dinner were allowed to have some.

    To this day, she'll ask me, casually "I have green candy - you want?"

    I call it genius rebranding.