Friday, April 19, 2013

Dreams Come True

On a drive throught the countryside last night, we spontaneously pulled over and hopped out for NightDaddy to take some artsy pictures of a flooded country road. 

The snapshot above was taken by me with my dinky little camera. The challenge with having a professional photographer in the family is that moments of your life can be transformed into incredible works of art, however, you never get those inconsequential "hey, remember this from when we...?" snapshots. I realized a while back that if I want those scrapbook shots, I've gotta grab them myself. NightDaddy, The Photographer, is still working out his relationship with my pocket-size Casio :P

I jogged back to the car last night to grab my camera because someday I wanted to share that moment with our little Piggelin. I'm so fucking proud of NightDaddy's career as an artist! It's not an easy one, but he's passionate and he never gives up. I want to have that fuzzy, roadside momento of her daddies sitting in a tree in a flooded field to show her and say "Look, this is when you were in DayDaddy's belly! And this is NightDaddy seizing the moment!" And I hope that she feels inspired to live her own dreams the way her daddies do. 


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