About This Blog

DayDaddyNightDaddy is your typical mommy blog... except, it's not. 

This is the multi-cultural, two gay daddies based in Sweden version. And DayDaddy is transgender. He's currently gestating the womb ninja. 

What you will find here:

- Typical pregnancy babble with a side helping of gender dysphoria

- Heavy doses of first-time parents anxiety (aka "WTF have we gotten ourselves into?!?")

- Musing on midwives, home birth, water birthing, perhaps a touch of hypnosis mumbojumbo as well as a halphazard introduction to Swedish pre-natal care

- A tendency to obsess over cloth diapers and other yuppy leanings like baby wearing, co-sleeping and human milk donations

- Blathering on and on about the amazingness of NightDaddy's parents who live nearby


- Most likely the occassional bitch fest about stupid/rude/ignorant mother fuckers*. 

These points are subject to further expansion or completely altered trajectory upon spawn arrival, expected September 5th 2013.

What you won't find here:

- Advice

- An LGBT Pride Parade (but we *do* like them)


- Detailed descriptions of our physical anatomies or sexual proclivities. DayDaddy and NightDaddy are both the genetic parentage of the womb ninja. DayDaddy's body has a few magical fertility features that make that possible. That is all that shall be disclosed here. 

*We do things like say "fuck." Most mommy blogs don't. It's possible you might enjoy them more. Entirely up to you.

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