Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Paternity Jeans

I've dragged NightDaddy along with me to Glasgow for the week. I'm here for a big conference and he's here to keep my pregnant ass company. (Come on we all know it's first-time parent paranoia: WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENS?!?)

As our little Piggelin continues to grown, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to maintain my sense of style, particularly in a professional environment. Namely: they don't make pregnancy clothes for men.

I naively thought that since plenty of dudes are walking around with big ol' beer bellies all the time, this would not be an issue. HA! This only works if one is on the larger side to begin with. Turns out skinny gay boys with no butts don't generally tend to also have hearty guts on them.

Yesterday, following afternoon tea with scones at a cafe recommended by the two crusty old men selling newspapers in front of Glasgow Central Station, ND and I wandered into a baby store. We do this sometimes. We pretend we're checking out carseat prices but we're mostly just feeling overwhelmed. 

Lo and behold! There on a table in the middle of the store was a pile of jeans for pregnant people on sale for TWO FOR 10 POUNDS!!! (for our Swedish readers, that's 50,-/pair) I nervously picked up a pair and was shocked to see that they were labeled "Boyfriend Jeans." As far as I know, this concept doesn't exist in Sweden. I don't know if it's because of the dubiously anti-feminist nature of the description or simply Sweden's love affair with skinny jeans, but I had only ever heard of these things on teh internets. Apparently they're "men's" jeans for "women." Bullshit. They still look like women's jeans to me. But they are heaps more appropriate than the floral embroidered, jewel-encrusted, ass grabbing pants usually found on that side of the aisle. 

I tried them on.

I wish I could launch into the "OMG these things are heaven!" exclamations that generally tend to describe these things in pregnancy forums, but to be honest... um, they're okay. The elastic waistbandy stuff is pretty freaking awesome, but after 4.5 years of roomy menswear, the crotch feels...snug O_o

As I handed them through the curtain to ND to try on a different size, I made some kind of comment about how inexpensive these were for maternity jeans.

"Paternity jeans." He quickly corrected.


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  1. Glasgow is a really awesome place to go thrifting too ^-^. I don't know why people knock it so much!