Monday, May 13, 2013


Image of a Glasgow eatery proudly displaying a bold "Eat" sign, presumably the name of the establishment.
DayDaddy was worried NightDaddy would have a boring time in Glasgow (ha! the city is awesome!) so he very thoughtfully, endearingly, made a little game for ND to play during his stay so that the hotel room and laptop would seem a little less appealing. It worked! The game is to each day pick one Rule, one Challenge, and one Inspiration randomly out of an envelope, and create a photo. So for example, inspiration could be "Authority", the challenge could be to take public transit, and the rule to post the photo on our blog for the world to see instead of it moulding away on my harddrive, as it would usually.

So, I bring you, Authority, in Glasgow, belabored with rain. Also, I was getting mighty hungry around this time...

Some other adventures that day included being asked to leave from a shopping gallery. The security encounter was not unpleasant, although you could tell that the lady was used to more than a little gruff from the would-be photographers that she must routinely dissuade from practising their trade or hobby. All in all I was politely told to stop taking photographs, and that was that. I can't help but wonder whether her job would not be made easier if the no-photography requirement wasn't a little more prominent upon entering - as it is, it's a tiny plaque off to the side, hidden in shadow, dwarfed by the giant no-smoking signs and promotional adverts plastered on every glass door in the vicinity.

It makes you think what the point of such a policy is when most people will simply not notice, and the establishment clearly does not want their no-photography policy advertised. I suspect it's to deter elaborate and disturbing photo shoots, or pro's using the recognisable interior of Buchanan Galleries - "the largest shopping gallery in the UK" - for some insidious purpose such as lamenting the rise of the authoritarian state. 

So here's a photo from the interior:

Seriously though, the security guard was quite nice, once she realised I wasn't there to make a fuss. As much as I may disagree with the enforcement of a no-photography law on "private" property that is de-facto used as a public space, it's not her fault that she makes a living handling dissenters.

It's too bad, because it meant that I didn't get a chance to purchase the rain jacket I desperately need for this Glasgow visit...


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